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OMZ is one of the leader company in the building and installation of high pressure wash systems.
During the '70 years began the construction of the rotating cleaning head, suitable to solve cleaning problems concerning either volumes, such as tanks,tank-trucks, refuse containers, silos; either flat and irregular surfaces, such as industrial vehicle bodies, chassis, etc.
After short time our washing heads have been appreciated all over the European-market by the sector's operators.
In 1980 OMZ developed the industrial washing systems to be linked to the rotating heads, so to obtain the following equipment:
·         Washing system for the inside cleaning of tanks, tanks-truck, silos, etc.
·         High pressure outside washing systems, for the cleaning of irregular vehicles (like tanks-trucks, etc.)
·         Automatic chassis wash for industrial vehicles
·         Automatic chassis wash for railway vehicles
·         Wheels wash for industrial vehicles coming out from dumps, quarries, etc
All our washing equipment are built in accordance with the customers requirements and with the effective availability of the location where should be installed the plant.
All the technologies are supplied together with declaration, instruction manual in accordance with CE directives.
OMZ purchases all components for the building of our equipment as hot water generators and high pressure pump group by Italian Companies, so to guarantee a speed availability of spare parts.
Now at the beginning of the third millennium OMZ offers on the market its own thirty-year experience, building its washing systems with the using of up-dated and reliable technologies, so to satisfy better the cleaning requirements.